Heavy Duty tripod for stable shots and Pans
Zoom H6 Recorder
Our Audio Mixer. A perfect machine for quality audio.
Olympus Recorder
Our Backup audio recorder
256Gig SD Card
Our video quality calls for a higher and faster SD card. We Love to shoot continuously without changing cards during production so we resort to huge and trust worthy SD cards to do the job
128Gig SD Card
Our Backup SD Cards.
Canon 18-135mm
Canon 75-300
Very ideal for our long distance shots
Canon 5D MK III
Main Camera for Production
Canon 6D
Auxilliary Camera for B-Roll Shots and Creatives
Canon T6s
Back Up Camera
Rokinon 100mm
For Macro Shots and Details
Rokinon 85mm
Perfect lens for Portrait shots and details
Rokinon 135mm
Ideal lens for subjects. We use this lens more when we want to draw more attention to a subject
Rokinon 16mm
A wide lens for wide shots. Usually we use this lens to showcase architectural establishments and buildings in a wider perspective
Tokina 11-20
An automatic Wide lens for group shots and Architecture. We use this one more often because of its light weight and ability to autofocus when theres not much time to focus manually
Sigma 35mm
Very sweet and crisp lens for photography
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